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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

tv husbands I have known

Here is a selected list of the tv characters I have secretly married:

Alexander Mundy
Sam McCloud
Jim Rockford
Jarrod Barkley
Heath Barkley *
Phillip Carrington **

I played the field a lot in my younger days.

And yes, there was progeny from those unions.
(although no sex because they hadn't invented sex yet on tv in the '70s)

And if you think I am going to post the genealogical charts I lovingly created to show how the spawn of these various relationships are in fact related, you're crazy. ***

* but absolutely not Steve Austin
** ha! you'll never get what that's from
*** said the pot to the kettle.


  1. You know you are going to have me wasting way too much time on google, right?

  2. You didn't secretly marry Remington Steele? (Okay...so I watched Mamma Mia on the weekend and still think Pierce Brosnan is pretty damned hot!)

  3. I couldn't marry Remington Steele. He was already taken (even if she didn't deserve him :-). That is not to say I didn't lust after Remington Steele. He is still damn hot, but he should never, ever, ever, ever sing again except in the shower.