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Monday, May 15, 2017

it only happens when i dance with you

Last Thursday, I was having a tough day at work for reasons. I was frustrated and needed a day off because as I near retirement, I have finally realized that I have a new job waiting for me as soon as I can get to it.  I am so impatient for it, I have already started to do the work, fitting it in whenever I have a spare moment.

I chose today because it meant I could manage to get through Thursday and Friday without pulling all my hair out.

I was supposed to be getting a whole day off to myself to do nothing except what I wanted, all by myself.

But before I could get to this wonderful day off all to myself, I did not realize that I had to jump through a few extra hoops that I had forgotten about:
  1. I had to take my car to get the snow tires off, the oil changed, and see about a thing that may need to hammered back into place.
  2. I had to take my husband to work because otherwise I wouldn't have a car while the above was being removed, replaced, changed, and hammered
  3. I had to take my daughter to her job shadowing thing because she has a PD day and she didn't need to go to school and may in fact be back before I am ready for her to be back.
  4. I had to do two loads of laundry for her because I am mindful of the fact that her life gets overwhelming from time to time and when she gets overwhelmed, I get overwhelmed and I need to help her learn to be mindful enough to not let her laundry get out of hand. She helped me put on the first load.
  5. I had to do the laundry today because it is a beautiful day for drying laundry outside and she has a lot of stuff that needs to be hung to dry.
  6. I had to pick up a lot of dog shit in and around the laundry rack in the backyard because it was a minefield out there and I wouldn't have been able to safely hang out the laundry otherwise. Judge me if you must but two dogs make a whole shit ton of crap and it's hard to find the time to get out there and clean it up.
  7. I had to rescue the small plastic patio table from the shed and dump out the water that had gathered in it because it had been stored upside down under a lot of crap but there is no door on the shed.
  8. I had to put the laundry basket on the small plastic table because my back isn't what it used to be and I hate to bend.
  9. I had to figure out how to fit two loads of laundry onto one drying rack that is really only big enough for 1.5 loads.
  10. I had to throw all the socks and underwear and everything else that wouldn't fit on the drying rack into the dryer and then remember to set the dryer going.
  11. I had to scrub something with soap because stains don't come out in the wash if you don't scrub them.
  12. I had to scrub some mystery substance off the deck because I was afraid if I walked past it one more time I was going to a) step in it and then I'd have to clean my shoe, or b) scream if I had to look at it one more time.
  13. Then, I had to write this all down on my blog because writing is my new job, but writing this blog is only the beginning.
Thank God I have Fred Astaire on my iPhone to help me get through it.

I have been up for 5 hours and now I am finally ready to begin my day. *

*Still have to pick up the husband, the car, and the kid.

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