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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

undead update

She Who Does Not Obey announced the other day that she is totally over the zombie thing.

She demonstrated her resolve by walking unconcerned into a graveyard in Trinity and looking with some interest at a bunch of really old gravestones.

There is a new fear on the horizon, however.

The new Number One Threat? Bears.

No, she hasn't joined the Colbert Nation, she just spent some time in Terra Nova National Park where the bears make free with the local garbage dumps and occasionally visit the camp sites.

Not that we actually saw a single bear while we were there. But her cousin Destructo counted 16 bears at the dump, although he said there were actually 20 there (the new math?)

At least I am not responsible for the bears in her head.

Also, she's not too keen on the spiders who enjoy hanging out in blueberry patches.

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